1843 Society

One of the first known bequests came at a crucial time in the College’s history. Jesuit Scholastic Patrick Healy turned over to the school a bequest he received from his parents. That bequest made it possible for the school to rebuild after a fire burned down Fenwick Hall in 1852.

The 1843 Society is comprised of alumni and friends of Holy Cross who have provided for the future of the College through life-income gifts, outright bequests, trust provisions, and naming the College as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan.

Since the founding of the College of the Holy Cross in 1843, bequests and other planned gifts have served as an important source of support in furthering the mission of the College. Today there are over 800 members of the 1843 Society. As a member you receive a special pin which recognizes these gifts and/or estate intentions, you may be listed among the membership (or remain anonymous), and you receive an invitation to the annual luncheon held each spring.

The College wishes to express its deepest appreciation to members of the Society for their commitment to Holy Cross.

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